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Boredest Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be altered at any time without notice, however major changes will be announced. By agreeing to these terms, you also agree that any breakages of the rules can and may result in account suspension or account lockdown (banning you from certain features).

1. Age requirements

This game is not intended for persons under 14 years of age. The game isn't restricted to only that, however a lot of content will be directed towards adults. As such, Boredest accepts no responsibility for changes in teens after playing the game. By clicking the "Register" button at the end of the registration page, you consent that you are either 14 years or older or are mature enough to play a game containing themes of that nature.

2. Game Use and Exploitation

Any individual who attempts to reverse, engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of this site (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will have their account(s) removed from game play and any future accounts closed. Such incidents will be legally followed through with the fullest extent of the law. Any person who uses a game bug or exploit to gain advantage will have either their account suspended or deleted, depending upon the severity of the gains. If these exploitations cause downtime or lost revenue for Boredest, offenders may be prosecuted after the deletion of their accounts.

3. Swearing and Flaming

Swearing is permitted only if it is not directed at someone. Many pages may contain swear words, and you should be aware of this. Non-generated discussion (such as forums) may also contain heavy coarse language and we accept no responsibility for this. The forums are free to talk about anything you want, however constant obscene language may result in bans. Most words are acceptable except the major ones. Flaming is tolerated as long as it is within acceptable boundaries.

4. Multiple Accounts

You may only create, use, and log on to one account per player. Any user found playing on multiple accounts, or training another persons account will have their own account suspended and any of the other accounts deleted.

5. Forum, Mail, Shoutbox conductivity

Excessive cursing or flaming will not be tolerated, and it will be up to the staff member at the time to determine what is and what isn't acceptable. Spamming of the forums, or any players mail or news events is not allowed. Any user who publicly humiliates another user regarding things such as race, sex, age, disability etc will be immediately suspended. Any racist/sexist remarks should be reported immediately.

6. Profile Pics/Forum Sigs

Profile Pics and Forum Sigs may not include anything that is completely pornographic, however skimpy is more acceptable. They may not include racist slogans, or petty images with text slandering another user/figure. Signatures should be kept under 5 lines, and image sigs no more than 60kb. They should not stretch the screen of any user with their width. Any queries about the acceptability of words/images can be mailed to the support desk.

7. Scamming

If an agreement is made between you and another player, and either you or the other player does not go through with their end of the deal, the offender will be suspended for a minimum of 20 days, with the situation returned to as if there was no deal in the first place. Any donations to your gang belong to your gang, and the gang owner, and you will have no case if you are kicked out. Be wary of who you donate to.

8. Donator Packs

Donator Packs are for sale using PayPal only. More payment options may be offered later on. Any Donator Packs for sale on the forums will be legal. All packs paid for and credited will not be refunded. Any suspended accounts can not be refunded any pack days. Just because you upgrade, does not exclude you from the same rules on this page just like everybody else. You cannot use the fact you have a Donator Pack as leverage to gain anything better in the game. You must get the credit card holder or paypal account owner's permission before upgrading. Any fraudulent chargebacks incurred because of the owner's cancellation will be covered by you. In many cases, if the owner contacts us about it, we will immediately refund their money and delete your account.

9. Selling items

In-game items, property or weapons may not be sold for real life money or fund in another game. In future, we may set up a transaction system for the legal way to do this, however until then, nothing may be sold/traded for outside currencies. Any user(s) found doing this will have both accounts deleted. You may also not pay for items in other games using game funds.

10. Automation

Any players found to be using a macro (computerized) script to run their account will have that account suspended.

11. Staff

Users should recognize staff authority, should present any complains about players in a correct and properly-structured, swear free manner. Any complains against staff should be mailed directly to ID 2. Any users wishing to become staff should apply at the application form, however do not be surprised if we do not accept you. Staff positions are generally offered to users showing a high level of dedication to the game, interaction on the forums, politeness and proper grammar, over 18 years old and some staff positions are paid. Staff are subject to the same terms and rules covered above, and will be immediately suspended upon discovering any exploitation of their powers.


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